Blind lead the blind, madness align

Millions of souls consumed by their deaths

Traumatized and paralyzed, ripped apart and left behind

Neutralized, your body starts to fall apart


Deep in your mind you realize

That death won't bother you no more

Accept the fact that you are dead

Vanished into a world below

Deny all your physical pain and wounds

Give yourself into the pits of hell


Frozen carcasses covering this soil

Once so proud, now disembowel

Thousand epitaphs seem alike

Rest in pieces, endlessly

Domination shattered here

Final victory no more


Is this the end now

Does conquest turns to doom now

Victory becomes defeat now

Crushed by the horrors inside

Your believes of invincability fades now rapidly

Your soul has been marked

Your soul has been torn apart


In this hell we're living in

Welcome to a world of hate

Where fear gnaws your bones

Superior in strength

Inferior in numbers


Eradication of a nation


World's castration Devastation

Annihilation Depopulation

To reign the world

Under one power